BedRock Systems is Hiring Formal Methods Engineers
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Gregory Malecha
2018-11-15 23:28:24 UTC
Hello --

BedRock Systems (https://www.bedrocksystems.com/, the website contains
minimal technical information) is a new company applying the Coq proof
assistant to develop verification tools, e.g. languages, compilers, and
verification automation, as well as verified systems software, e.g.
kernels, VMMs, and many other things. BedRock Systems is a young company,
but we are very excited about applying formal methods to build high
assurance systems and software. Much of our work is open source and we look
forward to contributing back to the Coq community.

We are currently seeking formal methods experts in these areas to join our
team in Cambridge, MA. We are especially interested in candidates with a
strong Coq background. Experience reasoning about systems-level software
and concurrency is a strong plus but is not essential.

If you are interested in the opportunity to work on hard problems and build
real systems, please send me an email. We are seeking both interns (summer
or any other time) and full time employees.

p.s. If this sort of thing interests you but you aren't looking for a job
right now, please feel free to contact me, I'd love to talk about what
we're doing and possible collaboration.
gregory malecha
director of formal methods