[ANN] Docker images of Coq
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Erik Martin-Dorel
2018-11-07 10:07:43 UTC
Dear Coq developers,

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of official Docker
images of the Coq proof assistant:

these images are distributed via the Docker Hub registry
https://hub.docker.com/r/coqorg/coq/ ; they may typically be used to
setup Continuous Integration for your projects, but also to perform
some quick experiments with a specific version of Coq, e.g.:
$ docker run --rm -it coqorg/coq:dev rlwrap coqtop

A Docker image is provided for both the development version of Coq
(nightly build at 00:05 UTC) and the last patch-level of each release,
from Coq 8.4.6 to Coq 8.9+beta1.

A detailed documentation of these images is available at the URL
https://github.com/coq-community/docker-coq/wiki along with guidelines
to install Docker, and CI config. templates for Travis CI and GitLab CI.

As another example, note that this Docker-based CI approach has
already been implemented in the Paramcoq project (hosted in the
coq-community organization https://github.com/coq-community/paramcoq)
to test it against several versions of Coq.

Kind regards,
Érik Martin-Dorel