Researcher position on Verified Confidentiality for Weak Memory Concurrency, Melbourne
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Toby Murray
2018-12-07 00:10:43 UTC
Dear coq-club, [apologies for cross-posting]

I am seeking an exceptional researcher (Research Assistant or
postdoctoral Research Fellow) to research methods for verifying
information flow security for shared-memory concurrent programs
executing on weak memory consistency models.

The position is for one year in the first instance, to begin in the
first quarter of 2019, based at the University of Melbourne under
Dr Toby Murray (https://people.eng.unimelb.edu.au/tobym/). This project
will provide the opportunity to collaborate with researchers at
Australian National University (ANU), Canberra; Data61's Trustworthy
Systems Group (the "seL4 team"), Sydney; and Australia's Defence
Science and Technology (DST) Group, Brisbane.

Research Assistants (respectively postdoctoral Research Fellows) would
have a degree (respectively PhD) in Computer Science or a closely
related field.

Candidates should have experience in at least one of the following:
- program verification / formal methods,
- information flow security,
- concurrency,
- the Isabelle theorem prover.

The following are indicative, entry-level salary figures:
Research Assistant: $65,029 (AUD)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: $90,037 (AUD)
Besides salary, total remuneration also includes 9.5% employer
superannuation contribution.

Interested candidates should contact Toby Murray
(***@unimelb.edu.au) in the first instance.
Toby Murray, DPhil (University of Oxford)
Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Systems
University of Melbourne